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ZZ Top

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  • Author Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard

Zipper Job lyrics


He, she wanna be
A body and soul just don't agree
There's an answer, gotta go
For a Tijuana tuck 'n' roll

He, she just got a zipper job
A zipper job

It ain't nothin', it ain't no thing
Just changin' face of Yin and Yang
It ain't no callin' for alarm
It's just a different kind of charm

It's alright, on one condition
Certainty before transition
No one even need a clue
Just pull the old switch-a-roo

He, she done got a brand new glistenin' zipper job
Oh yes, a zipper job, yeah, yeah

Flip, strip, zip, trip a talon forty two

Timing is everything
For Kings, queens, and in betweens
It's a question of what to do
'Cos what is what and who is who?

He, she just got a zipper job
An everlasting zipper job
Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey

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Zipper Job is a song interpreted by ZZ Top