Loaded is a song interpreted by ZZ Top, released on the album Rhythmeen in 1996.

Loaded lyrics


Gonna have a good time
Gonna have a good, good time
Don't you know that I wanna get loaded
Ooo hoo ya o yea

Mmm, lit
Brighter than my butane
I said, "Lit"
Yeah, hotter than my low down, aaa
Take me inside out, 'til I'm gone insane
Oh yeah, Shellac

Loaded, loaded, locomotive
Loaded, loaded, disembodied
(Oh, let's fry)
Like a Paxton blo'er
Like a Paxton twist
Black Cadillac
Umm, aphrodisiac

Tankin', skankin' with the rank an' file
Load me up
Gettin' it good for a little while
Don't you know that I wanna get loaded?
Eee yeah, now put me up

Loaded, loaded, locomotive
Loaded, loaded
Oh, don't you just know it?
Oo, harpoons, loaded
Like a Bridgette Bardot
Like a French high roll

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