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  • Author Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Jr.

Desert Of Our Love lyrics

Hand of gold in the hot day
In the door and out then
The devil in the night
I feel love's alright

Going in the cold and going in the same
Born in the love with the light again
I believe in the love
I'm up again, alright

Come there, the darkest love then
All alone in the darkest night
I'm in real love
I feel love in the song
One more verse

Meet me in the door in the desert
In the morning I am
In there in the door, in love
Feeling in the stars and the love, believe it

All the love and all in the day
Feeling in my power in my love
Say it's in all the day, all the day
Gonna be in the garden in the sky
Oh yeah

And the desert of our love
And the desert of our love
And the feeling in the sand
When the poor man then

Go in the door, door feel me
Go inside, kneel down
I feel love in the song

Ahh, feel in the love, I love ya
Go in the soul, ooo
Bird in the sky, bird in the rain
Going the field in my heart
In my sight, believe me
Bird in the song
Bass and drums

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Desert Of Our Love is a song interpreted by U2