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Jack Johnson

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Same Girl lyrics

If you could read my mind
You'd say baby you were right
And I don't want to fight anymore
You're usually righter than I am
And I am not a very good fighter

And my, well neither are you
So lets be through with this one
Some things never change
I know you are still my same girl
Built her own frames for pictures that you paint

Lots in Monterrey, men across the bay
Right back to my same girl, mm mm
How can you be so common
The truth is that sometimes you live in the eye of the storm
With everything going on around us
I feel comfort in the sound when you say it will be okay

Like a star brighten me to the light of the day
Old drums can follow me but not with my same girl
I built two room frames for the pictures that you paint
The lots in Monterrey, and then across the bay, right back to my same girl, mm mm

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Same Girl is a song interpreted by Jack Johnson