Beanie G And The Rose Tattoo is a song interpreted by Hall & Oates, released on the album War Babies in 1974.

Beanie G And The Rose Tattoo lyrics

Come here talkin', like a schoolboy fool
Cute and rotten
Ooh, Beanie G. and your Rose Tattoo
Keep on rockin' like the Gator say keep on
White clogs knockin'
Oh, oh, oh, Beanie G. wonder can you play
Don't be no punk, don't be no candy ass
Don't flunk the test, then expect to pass
Don't understand, and yet afraid to ask
So why you wanna waste your time
Rose guitar bleeding on your arm
Day-glo farm boy
Oh, Beanie G. with your Rose Tattoo
Oh, beanie G
Just tell me, where you learnt to Rock 'n' Roll
You got your licks, but you forgot your soul
You play real hot, but you leave me cold
So why do you wanna, waste my time?
Listen G. Boy, better get in line, G.Boy
And it's a long one, 'cause the gigs are hard to find
Beanie G. And The Rose Tattoo
Oh, Beanie G. G. Boy
Oh, Beanie G. Keep on
Oh, Beanie G. G. Boy