Just A Simple Little Tune is a song interpreted by Art Garfunkel, released on the album The Animals' Christmas in 1985.

Just A Simple Little Tune lyrics

The cricket raised his fiddle
And he said; "Though I am small
And I know I'll never be the greatest fiddler of them all
I've played it for the river and I've played it for the moon
I learned it from the stars it's just a simple little tune"

Then he raised his shiny bow as black as precious ebony
And he flourished it to play a spritey "fiddle diddle dee"
And he played it high and low and he played it in the middle
He played a simple tune on his tiny little fiddle

And the Nightingale sang a harmony
And she sang so sweet, and she sang so free
That the Meadowlark joined with a "Tweedle deedle dee"
"Tweedle dee dee dee dee"

Till the fireflies danced in the willow trees
And lit the dismal night

Then the moon rose high in a silvery balloon
And the flop-eared hare danced a jig with a raccoon
And the bullmoose bellowed, like a cranky old bassoon
And he said, "What's all the fuss? It's just a simple little tune
Simple little tune, simple little tune"

But Mary smiled and from her troubles
Unencumbered, dimmed the light
Closed her eyes and slumbered

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