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Touch Me There lyrics

Free me from rules, for only one night
Desirable as you are, tryin' to keep myself in line
Although your movements feels so right
Keep my glory high

Touch me here, baby
Won't you kiss me there
Let's dance away forever
I like the way you groovin'
Like you just don't care
Tonight we'll fly to heaven

Caress my body and my soul
I need to take care of, i 'm just a little girl
Not asking for a razorfaced lover
Don't make me scared, don't push me in to your arms

I'll find me softly your affection
Bring it to me

You're such an oversacrificed boy
I never thought that it would matter to me
And even when I try to keep my distance
I see your eyes lithnin', my face starts to glow

Your power makes me feel so shy
Keep my glory high

I'll find me softly your affection
You gotta bring it to me
Your power makes me feel so shy, shy, shy, wow
Keep my glory high, keep my glory high

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Touch Me There is a song interpreted by Total Touch