Final Lullaby is a song interpreted by The Weeknd, released on the album After Hours in 2020.

Final Lullaby lyrics

I'm running out of time
And you'll always be on my mind

And I can't make you stay
In this broken place
And I hope you find peace
Close your eyes as I put us to sleep

To sleep

And I can't make you stay
In this broken place
And I hope you find peace
Close your eyes as I put us to sleep

Go to sleep
Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh

I'm home alone
My trauma, alone

I can't make you stay
In this broken place
Won't you find peace?
Close your eyes and I put us to sleep

Woah, oh, oh
To sleep, woah
Woah, no, no
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

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