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The Replacements

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Red Red Win lyrics

A bottle of Chablis, hey now, that ain't no stuff for me
Chateau Timberley, as long as I can't see
Gallo or Muscatel, either one would be just swell
I didn't come here to fight, hey just as long as that ain't white

Now I ain't no connoisseur cat the conno-sewer kinda sewer rat
Red red wine on Sunday always tastes so good
Red red wine, red red wine, red red wine if you would

Hey now as long as it is red, oh set 'em up until we're dead
A Saturday sippin' beer is just a jug without a year

Now I ain't no connoisseur cat, I think you guessed that
Red red wine on Sunday just like Martin said
Red red wine red red wine set us up 'till we're dead

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Red Red Win is a song interpreted by The Replacements