More Cigarettes is a song interpreted by The Replacements, released on the album Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash in 1981.

More Cigarettes lyrics

I don't watch the T.V, I watch the clock
Party going up there on the block
The neighbors complain, that we can hear
I smoke my cigarettes, drink my cola

I need more cigarettes
More cigarettes, I need

Everybody's waiting, sittin' on a stool
Black leather jacket, and she's oh so cool
Everybody's waiting, they better show
Chased out back all the way home

More cigarettes
More cigarettes, I need

At six o'clock batten the hatches
We got cigarettes but ain't got no matches

I put some holes in my filter
Holes in my head
I better get better
I'm reading in bed

More cigarettes
Give me more cigarettes, I need
Gotta get more cigarettes
Got more cigarattes
They are nuts