Long Way From Home letra

The Lumineers

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  • Author Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites

Long Way From Home lyrics

Held on to hope like a noose, like a rope
God and medicine take no mercy on him
Poisoned his blood, and burned out his throat
Enough is enough, he's a long way from home

Days of my youth wasted on a selfish fool
Who ran for the hills from the hand you were dealt
I flew far away, as far as I could go
Your time is running out
And I'm a long way from home

Laid up in bed, you were laid up in bed
Holding the pain like you're holding your breath
I prayed you could sleep, sleep like a stone
You're right next to me
But you're a long way from home

Hospital gowns never fit like they should
We yelled at the nurse, didn't do any good
More morphine, the last words you moaned
At last I was sure
That you weren't far away from home

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Long Way From Home is a song interpreted by The Lumineers