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The Last Shadow Puppets

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The Bourne Identity lyrics

Now I know jealousy
I caught you talking to the real me
Can't tell you how unhappy that shit makes me
If you hear him calling, promise you'll ignore him

He's kind of my enemy
Whenever I'm on to something good you see
He always waltzes in to spoil it for me
And I can see him starting, want to break my heart then
That's the way to do it

Glass-bottomed ego
It's still afloat but can't you see the cracks appearing in the base?

There ain't no ejector seat
When you're haunted by the sweet smell of self-esteem
And you've got yourself as a backseat driver

Spilled the un-spillable beans
And I've dreamed every single impossible dream
I just can't remember any of the details
Let's just have a buzz because by the time I'm done f*cking beating myself up
There'll be nothing left to love

I feel like the sequel
You wanna see but you were kinda hoping they would never make

Yeah I'm the mystery man that's been unmasked
I'm getting caught in my own trap
I'm leaning in to kiss the past goodbye
Yeah I'll be leaving now, I'm making tracks
And I doubt that I'll be coming back
Oh the night is young, baby make it a blast
Cause you know it's growing up so fast

Glass-bottomed ego
I'm still afloat but can't you see the cracks appearing in the base?

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The Bourne Identity is a song interpreted by The Last Shadow Puppets