Friend In Need is a song interpreted by Supertramp, released on the album Indelibly Stamped in 1971.

Friend In Need lyrics

Hey buddy, want to talk to you
'Bout a friend in need, a friend indeed
I hear you got a few friends too
Who live up the stairs, sell their wears
And they don't care, 'cause they don't know that

Ooh, he's very lonely
Ooh, he's lost his one and only

Woman that he's ever had
He sure feels bad, can you make him glad?
Hey Mister, can you help him out?
Can you put him straight, before it gets too late
And show him what it's all about?

Hey Mister, well, he's got the dough
How much will it be to pay the fee?
I guess that you can see through me
So I'll be straight with you, I'll tell the truth
Friend in need is just really me

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