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Roll The Dice lyrics

My life is for life
I'm taking it
Not a day gives way to waste
All my days
I've walked along the line
Like a saint that sins with grace

Roll the dice
Roll the dice
Take a chance
It's in your hands

High as the skyline
I'm balancing
On the edge, on the palm of my hand
No fear of falling
I look down, enjoy the view
Life won't be the same again

Roll the dice

Voice in my head screams out
Nine lives are running out
What goes up must come down
Chances you'll hit the ground
Everything's relative
What you got left to give
Don't you want time to live?
Made up your final wish
Taking another risk
Clenching another fist
Time give those wounds a lick
Teach an old dog new tricks
Luck will run out on you
Black cats in front of you
Mirror just broke in two
Everyone's out to get you

Imagine to feel you're on your own
Life with no family
Feel tomorrow's inferior
It's over
Your show is over
Don't you know
They're out to get you

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Roll The Dice is a song interpreted by Stereophonics