Yeah! It's Christmas letra

Robbie Williams

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Yeah! It's Christmas lyrics

There's twinkle lights
And colored balls
And holly bells
To deck the halls

But the turkey's burnt
All those arguments
Oh, it's Christmas
With neighbors Bob
And Betty here

The folks you see
But once a year
Eatin' all my food
Drinkin' all my beer
Yeah, it's Christmas

The red-suited, bearded, fat, man is on his way
But all I get is socks and bills to pay
'Cause we're celebratin' Christmas

And paper hats
And in a heap
And cracker kings
Are sound asleep
And the TV's on
But it's all repeats
Yeah, it's Christmas

The red, cheap, jolly, fat, guy's on his sleigh
Oh, we're in debt, but there's a year to pay
'Til we're celebratin' Christmas

All hush falls on
The neighbourhood
Kinda like
We knew it would
All is calm
All is good
Yeah, it's Christmas

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Yeah! It's Christmas is a song interpreted by Robbie Williams