Out On The Streets is a song interpreted by Ringo Starr, released on the album Ringo The 4th in 1977.

Out On The Streets lyrics

I woke up this evenin', my head was reelin'
Nothing was happenin', I had no feelin'
I knew that I had to be out on the streets
Out on the streets

Got in my car, lookin' for action
Blew right down Broadway, got no reaction
Two cops were following me out on the street
Oh, out on the street

Got out of my car and I started walkin'
I met some ladies and we started talkin'
That's why I'm so glad to be out on the street
Oh, out on the street

Well, I'm spending my money, taking my chances
Going to clubs, doin' new dances
Watchin' [Incomprehensible] my feet out on the street
Out on the street

Well, night time is fadin', I jumped off my motor
Somebody told me to try the Dakota
They're just like two people you'll meet out on the street
Out on the street

They're just like Vini and me
Out on the street
Oh, out on that street

Hey, I was walkin' down the street and you know what this guy said
He says, "Hey man", he says, "I want that watch"
I said, "What? You want this watch?"
He said, "Yeah, I want that watch"

I said "Well, you watch this 'cause I'm gonna stomp on your f*ckin' head"
And you know what he said to me?
He said, "Hey baby, I'm gonna stick this knife right up your nose"
I said, "Well, I don't mind as there's something on the end of it"