Love Is letra

Ringo Starr

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  • Author Richard Starkey, Mark Hudson, Gary Burr, Steve Dudas

Love Is lyrics

Forever takes so long
You turn around it's gone
Everybody's here
But never for too long

The door of willingness
Will one day open
For everyone

Time will always heal
What the broken-hearted feel
The poet's say it's so
But I'm not sure it's real

I only know the answer
Is inside me
And everyone

Love is here
Everywhere it's calling
If you hear
Love is opening your heart
It will appear
Love is
Love is here

The quiet helps me stand
A spirit guides my hand

And that is how I know
That there's a bigger plan

This world is not for me
And you alone
It's for everyone

A war will still go on
But love will come on strong
You have to look inside
To see where you've come from

I only wish
For nothing less
Than everything

Love is
Love is here

Love is
Love is love

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Love Is is a song interpreted by Ringo Starr