TBH is a song interpreted by PartyNextDoor, released on the album PartyNextDoor in 2013.

TBH lyrics


Settle down, settle down, settle down
Girl, it's all over your face, there's someone taking my-y place (Ooh)
Guess that's something that I'm dealing with now (Oh yeah)
I guess there's nothing that I can do now (Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)

I see you in the city (City), oh
Do they know you're with me (With me), oh
Are you with me, baby? (Baby)
Girl, you're with me baby (Girl)

'Cause baby, close just isn't close enough (Close enough)
Maybe my passion just ain't enough
I can't feel that you love me, ooh, oh
I can't feel that you love me, oh

Maybe, baby, I'm not listening
Maybe I just don't got what you need
I can feel that you love me, no
I can feel that you love me, no more

Love no more
Love-love me no more
Love me no nore
Love me-me-me no more

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