Fade Away letra

Norah Jones feat. Logic

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Fade Away lyrics

Yo, this is a vibe
You can't hear this
Oh, [?]
Hey, it's charging

I been there, I done that, done that, this rap shit I run that
Motherf*cker this far from a comeback, if one of us fall then we run back
Can't let that social worker just snatch up my kin, gotta get my son back
'Cause when they coming through that system don't give a damn about you, you

Everybody gonna die, gonna go one day, maybe it'll happen on a Monday
Driving to work and get hit by a Hyundai, f*ck it, let it all go one day
I know, I'ma get it like this, living that life while they all reminisce
Never regretted, the sеcond I said it I feel like I'm smarter, I read it on Rеddit

You're f*cking pathetic, my etiquette murder ya predicate, bitch I'm ahead of it, yeah
Yes, I'ma die but I don't wonder why in the hell I'ma ride in the dead of it, yeah
I know, know, life on Earth is so unpredictable
Okay-kay, hold up let me say yes, I fade away

Ooh, fade away
Fade away, oh
Fade away

Yeah, uh, uh
Okay, alright
Tell me what I wouldn't wanna give for a life like this, arm and a leg quite like this
F*ck around wanna fight like this, take a hike like this
I might just, might just, I don't know

[?], that's my intention
Want so much more than this third dimension
That's not to mention my true ascension is a bigger picture
No metaphor, I'm being real with ya

But it will hit ya like, "goddamn"
Go ahead, follow all of them
Spaceship, I'm in another system
So futuristic, on another mission

Uh, on another mission
On another mission, this intuition
I got it and it's switchin' now, it's off the top
Off the top of that dome

And I'm going home and I'm doin' my thing
And I'm lovin' my boy, I'm lovin' my wife
I'm lovin' my life, I'm lovin' the things that I'm seein'
I'm tryna do me and be the best that I can

'Cause I'm the man in this world tryna do what I can
So, bring it back, bring it back, we bring it back
Bring it, bring it back

Oh, don't you fade away
Fade away
Fade away
Don't you fade away

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Fade Away is a song interpreted by Norah Jones