The Secret Of Music is a song interpreted by Morrissey, released on the album I Am Not A Dog On A Chain in 2020.

The Secret Of Music lyrics

I am out of tune
Violin, the state I'm in
I've lived through many Junes
I am out of tune

The center hole is overgrown
I'm listening face down
Birds sound around
Like a sudden spell of bells

Or orchestrated swells
I am out of tune
Play the flute
For love or loot

That's really up to you
How it clings
Like pinging strings of mandolins
That pluck to your good luck

No trombone
Or glockenspiel could ever feel
The way I feel tonight

Bum, bum, bum, the drum
Cymbals symbolize your mind
I think that you should cry
Classical guitar
Lover new, oh yes, you are

Pan pipes save a life
No angelic flute
Can F hold
A harping soul?
Each song ends with a gong

Fat bassoon
Clear as the moon
But nothing now can take away my gloom
Fiddle Stradivarius
I'd like to cause a fuss

Boo, boo

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