No Promise, No Guarantee letra

Laura Branigan

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No Promise, No Guarantee lyrics

You know, we've all been hurt before
And it's so hard to trust again
We want to believe in that security
Someone there 'til the end

It's time you know the way I feel
You know, I've had my share of pain
But what we have is now, we chance it anyhow
And hope the feeling stays the same

No promise, no guarantee
But here's my heart unconditionally
I'll give to you my honesty
Always, darling

No promise, no guarantee
But I'll share my world with you openly
Stand by you faithfully
I'll be there, darling

Oh, those memories fade with time
And we soon forget the tears
You've survived the hurt, you made it through the worst
What I'm saying is sincere

Now, it's a changing world out there
Don't we know it, baby and it's turning way too fast
I'll be by your side, be it day or night
And what will be will be

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No Promise, No Guarantee is a song interpreted by Laura Branigan