My Photo In The Newspaper is a song interpreted by Kate Miller-Heidke.

My Photo In The Newspaper lyrics

I'll take a cappuccino
Lots of froth please, for the photo
Yes he is from the newspaper
He doesn't want anything, do you Dave?

No, I don't mind the smoke
Just don't ask those probing questions
I do not have to sing today
Everything's going to be alright

But Dave, why do I always order
Whenever we go out somewhere to eat
Surely you have some kind of opinion? I mean
You have opinions on every other thing
And things look much better in my head

Your perfect body doesn't make me scared
And you're dressed all in black and white
But I see color with my eyes shut

So I'm not straight with you
It's 'cause of the interview
Why do want to talk with me anyway?
I don't have anything to tell you

But Dave, why's it always so awkward
Whenever we go out somewhere to eat?
And why do you get to ask all the questions?
Because I'd like to ask you about a couple of things

And when you ask me a harder question
I always know exactly what you're getting at
But just one simple question
I could not answer that