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The Indian Song lyrics

And I was lost for words
In your arms
Attempting to make sense of
My aching heart
If I could just be everything

And everyone to you
This life is just too short
To divide into
Divide into, divide into two

Yeah there's not enough
Time for all of that I want to show you
Not enough time
For every kiss and every touch
And all the nights
I want to be inside of you

Drift away
To make time stop
For the two of us
I'm gonna make time stop
Make time stop, stop, stop

Better listen to
The sighs of love
In our fight against
The end of time

We were making love
We are immortal
We are the last two left

Yeah the last two left
Yeah the last two left
Yeah the last two left
We're the last two left on earth

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The Indian Song is a song interpreted by INXS