Look After Me is a song interpreted by Hot Chip, released on the album The Warning in 2006.

Look After Me lyrics

Look after me and I'll look after you
That's something we both forgot to do

I find it hard to see your face, day to day today
Cannot remember it well enough, or in detail such that I see it in my head
When I am with you it's familiar and beautiful and I know it as if laughing
As light comes in I know it better then see it less clear again

As if I'm squinting I see you are so far from me
As if by miracle I see your room, I see us three
But words and music, these images, they come back to me
Crystal clear in my head, but it's behind a screen

Every time I see your face I break down and cry
I see it in your family as they walk on by

Come back to me and I'll come back to you
That's something we both will always do

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