Take Me Back is a song interpreted by Hinds, released on the album The Prettiest Curse in 2020.

Take Me Back lyrics

I woke up sick of not being enough
My birds are still singing yesterday's song
Behind my back, my shadow is gone
She ran away, babe, I'm out of control

Don't take me back
Don't take me back

I saw your friends and I ran out of breath
I didn't know we were fighting to death
Nothing could be good enough to replace
Your lips on mine, babe, but you have to wait

So take me back
So take me back

Missed your last call, now I'm missing your laugh
What would it mean if I asked you to stay?
'Cause now all I want is to go back in time
To treat you right, babe, I'm out of my mind

Please, take me back
Take me back

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