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Hall & Oates

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Love Hurts (Love Heals) lyrics

You can say that I lied a lot you can
throw up your hands
Pardon me, if the man you got
wasn't part of the plan
I'll confess, if I'm wrong or not so you'll
know where you stand
Love's a test and you've got to find out
if you're stronger
Then I am
Love Hurts
Love Heals
And it's the only thing that will keep
us together
First we fight, then we fall asleep, then
we wake up as friends
With a kiss and a promise we won't
do it again
Can't you see, when the fighting ends
that nobody wins
Can you tell if we've gone too far
to come back again
Love Hurts
Love Heals
It's the only thing, it's the only thing

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Love Hurts (Love Heals) is a song interpreted by Hall & Oates