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Frank Ocean

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Sierra Leone lyrics

(We're spendin' too much time alone)
Spendin' too much time alone
(And I just ran outta Trojans)
Horses gallop to her throne

(We're behaving like teenagers)
We're behaving like teenagers
(Making less than minimum wage)
Still inside our parents' homes

(No, I don't live in Denver)
No, I don't live in Denver
(I grew up in Sierra Leone)
And her pink skies will keep me warm

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone

Tid bits of intuition that I be gettin' abandon mission
(Sierra Leone)
Abandon mission, you must be kiddin', this shit feelin' different
Shit feelin' too good to me
Glistening, shimmerin' underneath the sunlight, the sunlight
(Sierra Leone)

And a new day will bring about the dawn
And a new day will bring another crying babe into the world
(Girl now)

Our daughter's reaching for your nipple 'cause it's time for her to eat (Reaching for ya)
Tonight I'll lay her in the cradle if it's time to go to sleep (Oh, go to sleep, oh, oh)
I'll sing a Lennon lullaby, she can have a pretty dream
Baby girl, if you knew what I know, knew what I know

Na, na na, na na, na
Na, na na, na na, na

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Sierra Leone is a song interpreted by Frank Ocean