Lowdown And Dirty is a song interpreted by Foreigner, released on the album Unusual Heat in 1991.

Lowdown And Dirty lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah

This is the thirteenth day of waiting, the second long weekend
These liberties you've taken, have got to end, oh yeah
This distance you've been keeping, grows wider everyday
Time is running out, there's nothing left to say, oh, oh

Innocent child, that's what I once believed
But now I know better and I ain't gonna let you play
That game with me, I'm telling you mama

I'm gonna get lowdown and dirty, run wild in the night
Lowdown and dirty, this time I'll do it right
Loving every minute, making up for lost time
I'll get lowdown, lowdown and dirty

A little time to do some thinking, some searching of the soul
I never knew your heart could be so cold, oh yeah
You're driven by ambition, you want the best that you can get
Ambition leads you blindly if you let it babe, and I guess you let it now

That innocent smile, it fooled me all the way
It drew me in, but now there's gonna be some hell to pay
Oh gonna be hell to pay

I'm gonna get lowdown and dirty and break every rule, yeah
Lowdown and dirty, nobody gonna treat me like a fool
Running free and easy, now I'm out on the lose
I'll get lowdown and dirty, oh lowdown and dirty tonight

Oh, oh such an innocent child, you fooled me all the way
You drew me in, but now there is going to be some hell to pay, oh

I'm gonna get lowdown and dirty, run wild in the night
Lowdown and dirty, do it good, do it right
You see I've been reaching up for something, that's been missing in my life
Got to get lowdown and dirty, lowdown and dirty tonight

Got to get, got to get, got to get lowdown and dirty
Lowdown and dirty
If you could see me now darlin' you'd see me flyin' high
Goin' crazy, lowdown and dirty, get lowdown and dirty

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