The Pink Seashell letra

Fall Out Boy feat. Ethan Hawke

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The Pink Seashell lyrics

Parents got divorced when I was, uh, five years old
And I saw my father about three times a year after that
And when he found out that he had cancer, he decided to
To bring me here and he gives me this big pink seashell

And he says to me, "Son, the answers are all inside of this"

And I'm all like, "What?"
Now then I realize, I realize that
The shell's empty, there's no point to any of this, it's all just a

A random lottery of meaningless tragedy and a series of near escapes
So I take pleasure in the detail, you know, a, a Quarter Pounder with cheese
Those are good

The sky about ten minutes before it started to rain
A moment where your laughter becomes a cackle
And I sit back
And I ride my own melt

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The Pink Seashell is a song interpreted by Fall Out Boy