The Kiss is a song interpreted by Eminem, released on the album The Eminem Show in 2002.

The Kiss lyrics

I'm gonna kill this bitch
I'm a kill him
I'm going to f*ckin' jail
'Cuz I'm gonna kill this bitch
Yo man
I don't know
I gotta really, really bad feelin' about this
Man would you shut the f*ck up
You always gotta bad feelin' man
That's her car right there
Aight let me park
Just park
I'm parkin'
F*ckin', turn the car off dog
Aight we wait
We wait for what?
We wait until she comes out
And then I'm gonna f*ckin' kill her
Man, you ain't gonna kill no one
What the f*ck did you bring that for?
Man shut the f*ck up dog
Just shut up, the f*ckin' clip is empty
Man, don't point that shit at me
It's not even loaded bitch, look
Dude, God I f*ckin' hate it when you do that shit
Yea, but it's funny as f*ck
Muthaf*cka I'm gonna kill you
One of these days, I swear
Gets you every time
Is that her?
Right there mothaf*cka
Ooh, yeah
Aight get down, get down
F*ck, what you doing to her?
Get down
What the f*ck you want me to get under the car?
Yo, who she walkin' with?
How the f*ck am I suppose to know?
You told me to duck down
It's the f*ckin' bouncer
Did she just kiss him?
I don't think so
Dog, she just f*ckin' kissed him
No she didn't
She's kissin' him dog
No she's not
Oh shit
Come on

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