Ritual is a song interpreted by Ellie Goulding, released on the album Halcyon in 2012.

Ritual lyrics

We run into a blaze of fire
We hold our heads up high tonight
And we breathe the smoke ethereal
We let our hearts subside tonight

But it marks the skin 'cause I know I've sinned
And it plagues the air on my house movin'
There's a sound out here in the darkest woods
And I know my own fears are understood

It's a ritual and I know you feel it
It's a ritual and I know you've seen it
It's a ritual and I know you feel it
You feel it, you feel it, you feel it

We jump into the devil's shoes
It's far too late to be rescued
From high we see some thundered skies
We see our faith, you hear our cries, it comes

And it won't stop here, echo in my ear
There's a raging fire and it burns so near
But I'm ready now, but I'm ready now

The ritual, we lose it all

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