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Belle And Sebastian

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Piggy In The Middle lyrics

I'm alone
I'm not with you
When I get in at night the many facets of the conversation
Roll around inside my head

Who's going with who?
Who's going with you?
You are the girl who for a twist plays ventriloquist
To other boys line up to be your pooch

But if I draw a circle and I walk around it
You're the piggy in the middle
I love my little pig until it hurts

I want to dance
Give the boy a chance
I want to lose myself in 1986
The darkened cinematic days of love and trance

Your crisp white tee – shirt
Rock a bill eee – hurts
An army of affected youth
They're cute in boots
I look at her the girl is looking back at me

And with a thought that cuts me
She will turn and curtsey to her rockabilly boyfriend
It's too late the damage done

I will catch them on the stairs
I'm like a bad smell that stays
They will turn round and see me
They will kiss stroke and feel
Just for the benefit: the boy voyeur
His camera makes up for what he's lost

You know I know you're the Queen
But when there's nothing to rule
Who is the fool?

Wait for spring
I want to sing
Sleep is a drag love is the drug flu is the bug
I got my bag it's full of stuff I want to bring

There is a club
There is a girl
Give her the secret sign that I'll be there
A little clue
Maybe she'll pick it up
Maybe she'll pass

But I go into the building and she's over by the bar
And by the time they play New Order
She is over in the corner

And she's telling me stuff
I think she feels pretty rough
She has to lean on her shoulder
She is drunk, I am sober
And I take her confession
It's the coolest little session of the month
As I take her confession
I confess I got my hand under her blouse

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Piggy In The Middle is a song interpreted by Belle And Sebastian