I Took A Long Hard Look is a song interpreted by Belle And Sebastian, released on the album The Life Pursuit in 2006.

I Took A Long Hard Look lyrics

I took a long hard look
At the heroes of my youth
And their antics on the page there on
Can no longer sustain me
Ever since I was a boy
They brought me joy
But the shackles of the way I was
Can no longer contain me

It was exciting
And enlightening
Reverberating through my dreams
Goodbye to reality
And set a course for wayward schemes

Now I can't sing
I can't feel
I don't know what is real
I was travelling through the past for years
Tell me what's my destination
Now the past is gone
I don't even have a song
We've not sung before
To a closing door
Tell me what's my situation?

I saw the film
I lived the book
I got the haircut
That's all it took
But now I know it's going to take
A little more now I'm awake