U&ME is a song interpreted by alt-J.

U&ME lyrics

Summer holiday having fun
Happiness is between two buns
Feeling funky on a rolling boil

Smiles bend all over
Can't control how I feel

It's just you and me now

Round of Kiminos for my girls in the sun
Sending videos to friends in London
Strut like Stellan Skarsgard to and from the bar, playin' my
Candied tangerine Telecaster

It's just you and me now

Two hot palms pressing down on my face
Dragged by my sockets to a better place
Flashing in the dark my luminescent tongue
Summer holiday having fun

It's just you and me now

Hanging on to the memory of that day for the rest of my life
I could hang off the memory of this day for the rеst of my life
Doing pull-ups off the memory of this day for thе rest of my life

Falling through a sinkhole
Like sitting on a birthday cake
Triggered by that scene in Mullholland Drive

Merry, merrier, happier, heavier

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