Unboxing Intro is a song interpreted by Alessia Cara, released on the album In The Meantime in 2021.

Unboxing Intro lyrics

Cloudy blue skies (Blue skies), over me
Echoes of old news (Old news), lingering
They're deafening, no point in anything
Nothing and everything matters (Matters)

Am I in reality? (I hope) Is it all a dream? (I don't know)
Such duality (Oh), animosity (I don't know)
Need some clarity, I miss therapy, yeah, damn (Turned a stone this week)
Hyperbolic (Hyperbolic), melancholic (Melancholic)

Do I call him? I feel nauseous
Have I lost it? (Have I lost it?)
Have I lost it? (Have I lost it?)
Have I almost hit the bottom?

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